Top 10 Weird Ways to Make Money


99.99% of you make money working 9 to 5. Jobs that you do are very common and everyone knows about them.

However, there are jobs that are really weird and people don’t know about them.

These jobs are not for everybody because they may not like it.

In this article, we will talk about some of the weirdest jobs or ways you can make money with.

You will be surprised to know that these jobs don’t need any experience or educational qualification. You just need to have a strong will power.

The money you make with these jobs isn’t that bad.

10 Weird Ways to Make Money

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So here are 10 to 15 most weird ways to make money

1. Make Money Eating and Sleeping

Let us start with the easiest jobs on the planet but at the same time, they are very weird.

If I say you can be paid for eating and sleeping would you believe it?

Research companies are interested to know what various food products taste like. So they need food testers who can test their food.

You have to eat the food and give them a review or a feedback. The test can be an hour long.

You can easily make $10 – $50 in an hour.

Similarly, you can make money from sleeping. Companies need to check their bed and mattresses.

So they employ people who can sleep on their mattresses for a night and give feedbacks.

You can make $10 to $30 sleeping for a night.

2. For Ladies – Sell Your Hair and Breast Milk

These jobs are, especially for ladies.

They can sell their hair and make good money out of it. Your hair must be 7 inches long, thick, clean and shiny.

Companies need human hair for making wigs. You can donate your hair and earn up to $10-$50 each time you donate your hair.

Any damaged hair won’t be accepted.

Second is selling breast milk.

As you know breastmilk is the most nutritious food for the newborn baby.

However, there are women who can’t feed themselves because of their poor health conditions.

So they need breast milk supplied by other women. You can donate your breast milk to milk banks in your country.

100 grams can pay you over $15.

3. Lease Your Body for Tattoo and Nude Modeling

There are two ways to make money leasing your body.

First one is putting a tattoo on your body. If you are willing to tattoo your body according to the advertiser, then you get paid.

The tattoo is going to be a brand name or logo of a company. The tattoo is temporary and they can be removed later once the contract is over.

Second is nude modeling for arts. Colleges and universities need nude models for their arts and painting classes.

They need a nude model so that students can see her body and draw paintings.

You can easily make $30-$50 for an hour.

4. Donate Sperm, Egg and Plasma

Donating sperm could be fun. You can donate your sperm to a local sperm bank and make money for each donation.

However, the quality of your sperm must be great. If the quality is not good then the bank will not take it.

You must not have any sexually transmitted disease like AIDS.

One the other hand donating eggs could be very difficult.

The woman has to undergo a screening process in order to avoid sexually transmitted disease.

Then she will be matched with a couple with infertility and then she’s given fertility drugs. These drugs will help her ovaries in producing eggs.

You can make up to $1000 for egg donations.

Similarly, you can donate your blood and make around $80 in few hours. Moreover, you also feel good for saving someone’s life. You can donate twice a week and 8 times in a month.

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5. Join a Clinical Trial

This is the very weird way to make money. I won’t use technical terms to confuse you so I will put it bluntly.

You have to offer your body for testing a new drug. A new drug will be tested on your body instead of on a rodent.

Well, there is a risk involved but the money you can make is really great.

You can easily make up to $5000 for a given period of time. For one day you can make up to $200.

However is some countries clinical trials are illegal.

6. Become a Friend and Hangover Helper

You must be terrified after reading the last paragraph. So let me give you a fun but yet a weird way to make money.

You can make money being somebody’s friend. You can hang out with them, go shopping, play video games, or just chat whole night.

You get paid for being with somebody. You can sign up yourself for websites like Rent a Friend.

You can charge anything between $5 -$50 an hour.

The another weird way is becoming a hangover helper. Colleges are all about frat parties.

You partied hard and boozed all night.

Next morning there is still a hangover. So you need a helper who can assist you until you fully recover from the hangover.

A hangover expert can charge you up to $25 for each roommate.

7. Professional Mourner

Professional Mourners are very popular in certain countries.

You get paid for crying out loud. You are called upon to attend a funeral and cry out loud for the person who is laid to rest.

Mourners are called to show that the person who just died was very influential and people really loved him.

The money you make as a professional mourner depends upon the person who is calling you.

Whatever money you make but the job is really weird.

8. Collecting Dog Poop and Snake Milking

Collecting dog poop is really awful. However, you make a lot of money doing it.

You have to clean the dog poop around the other people’s home.

You can make up to $10 for cleaning poop around one house.
Milking a snake is not just weird but very dangerous too. You collect the venom from the snake. Then the venom is sold to labs where it is used for preparing an anti-venom antidote.

You can make up to $50 from milking a snake.

9. Assisting Suicide

You get paid for injecting a patient with a lethal dose so he or she dies.
Suicide clinics are legal in many countries and you are paid for euthanizing a patient.

You kill the patient gently because he or she does not want to live anymore (because it is too painful to live).

The job can be quite weird because you are killing someone. However,

you get paid for doing so.

10. Become a Sugar Baby    

This is for young women. This can be immoral but it is legal.
Young girls over 18 years can find sugar daddies that are willing to care of them.

They pay you for intimate relationships. If you are ok selling your virginity then go for it.

I know it sounds weird but the money is really great. If your sugar daddy is really rich then you can make a lot of money in a short period of time.

So these were 15 most weird ways to make money.

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