SEO vs. Content – Which One is Called Back Bone of Digital Marketing


SEO vs Content

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The evolution of digital marketing has been better than imaginations. Marketers have changed their considerations for marketing from traditional ways to digital ways. SEO and content are both the most important driving factors for making any digital marketing campaign successful.

According to Ahrefs, 53.3% of website traffic comes from organic searches. For strengthening the process of organic search, both SEO and content are integrated and work together. In short, SEO and content are both in a single ecosystem.

SEO takes and performs several different tasks and processes, while on the other hand, content is an integral part of getting it started. Understanding both in a better way would help you get the idea of each.

With this better understanding, you can improve your website‘s user actions and get the maximum traffic.

The Role of SEO in Digital Marketing

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Search Engine Optimization, without which digital marketing can never move and would not even limp around, has the most significant role in the overall campaign and strategy.

For 70% of digital marketers, SEO is more effective than PPC. Let’s discuss how SEO is playing the role of a game-changing recipe.

1)  Increase In Website’s Traffic

  • Leveraging SEO means you are endeavoring to make your website outshining others.
  • Implementing adequate SEO strategies for a website means that your website can get a prominent place in the search engine result pages (SERPs).
  • SEO is the game-changing factor for marketing. It is the factor that increases the traffic by placing hooks that don’t let the visitor go away.
  • According to BrightEdge Research, SEO drives 1000% more traffic than organic social media strategy.

2)  Improves The Page Speed

SEO works exceptionally well for the websites that work with the accurate placements it requires.

  • It is of great significance for any website to have the quickest loading page speed.
  • If your webpage takes time to load, there is a high possibility of visitors going to another page.
  • SEO ensures to load the webpage faster for making an excellent user experience.
  • According to Backlinko, the loading speed also depends on the page size and weight. Larger pages take a 318% longer time to load than the smaller pages visually.
  • Among the top four ranking factors for the website, the website’s on-time opening is the first. Make your website thrive with the wonders of SEO.

3)  Work For User Experience

In 2019, Google had received around 2.3 trillion searches, making it the biggest search engine only wants the website’s webpages to work for the user experience. For 88% of online shoppers, bad user experience means they would never return to the website again. So, search engines only want the user experience to be highly-catered.

  • If you simply want your webpage to rank higher, then integrating SEO’s best practices for making the user experience of high-quality is a top-notch strategy.
  • The search engine places the webpages higher in the result pages if the content and strategies satisfy the visitor’s needs.

4)  Increases Brand Awareness

Every brand in the world seeks admiration, popularity, fame, and excessive business flow.

With digital capturing global businesses, it is paramount for every online business or brand to increase awareness.

This awareness would help them become the users’ first choice and better their online presence in today’s world.

  • One thing which everyone knows about SEO is that it leverages the website or brand if rightly targeted.
  • Implementing accurate SEO practices and techniques increases the flow of traffic on your website. This increased flow of traffic also result in increased brand awareness.
  • More traffic on your website means that your brand is getting better and better in the result pages.
  • This improvement would be another game-changing factor for brand awareness.

5)  Make Website Gadget-Friendly

Technological advancements have changed the paradigms, and in today’s world, users are accessing websites on different devices. The most famous way is a smartphone.

Considering this, it is vital to create and strategize the gadget-friendly website, more precisely, mobile-friendly.

  • According to Statista, mobile devices are generating around 51% of website traffic.
  • As discussed in the heading mentioned above, Google, the giant of search engines, only focuses on making the best user experience.
  • If the users access websites through mobile phones, it is significant to make the user experience the priority and set things accordingly.
  • Remember, if the website is not mobile-friendly, you lose 51% traffic, as users don’t stay if they aren’t satisfied.

The Role of Content in Digital Marketing

The customers or online visitors are not like the way they used to be a few years ago. The dynamics have been changed. In the present, visitors are asking for more, and with the actual availabilities of choices, you need to alter yourself to please them.

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Content in digital marketing has changed the phenomenon of marketing. Nowadays, people aren’t the same as they used to be.

Content marketing is changed and is altogether targeted to capture and please the customers’ needs. Content must be creative, compelling, curative, engaging, and whatnot, just to hook the customers in the current period.

a)  Build Trustworthy Brand Awareness

Content marketing isn’t limited. It is vast and substantial, just as SEO. It includes blog posts, E-books, email newsletters, podcasts, or social media posts. Content marketing increases brand awareness to attract significant traffic, inbound links to your site, and create awareness of the brand that no one thinks existed.

Believe it or not, content marketing is the right way to increase and generate potential leads, and it also demonstrates the skillful pack you have of expertise.

According to Harvard Business Review, brand awareness and loyalty builds with the shared values of your consumers. The quality and reliability of the brand’s interaction with consumers is a source of trustworthy relations. The more high-quality content you create and share with the audience, the clearer the chances are of becoming a well-aware brand.

b)  Captivate Potential Buyers

I have seen tons of brands and businesses creating content for their audiences. But, in return, they are not turning out the chunk they are expecting. So, it is simple and straightforward. No matter how much content you create, if the content is not engaging and qualified, then the abundance of content is going in the trash.

Such content doesn’t get you the leads you want. For captivating potential buyers and cashing each effort, your content must be ideal, unique, engaging, and whatnot.

The beauty of content lies in your hands, and it is up to you how to craft the perfect hooks, so whoever views it never return without a purchase. The expertise you showcase in the content is viewed by a substantial audience. The chances are bright to capture the most amount of audience with your content marketing.

c)   Convert Leads with Lead Nurturing

Every brand wants to know the best customer engagement strategies. Content marketing is the most effective way to engage a massive audience on your website. If your content marketing strategies are not leveraging your efforts, then it is time to reconsider it.

Content is the leading hook that brings in the leads, and now it is your expertise to convert that lead into a sure business with lead nurturing. It is a process to improve the buyers’ journey and transforms it into a rewarding relation.

d) Engagement Through Different Social Networks

Social media platforms are the best for any business in today’s world. People use social media platforms, excessively. Wherever your turn, you find yourself encircled in social media. People use social media for different things, such as entertainment, socializing, news, and building connections.

According to Statista, around 50% of the world’s population is using social media. Each person spends around 2 hours and 22 minutes on social media platforms for networking and socializing.

As I said earlier, content creation is an art, and your content marketing strategy must include the following.

  • The content that you are producing must solve fundamental and current issues. By targeting issues, you are leveraging the chance that many people share your content on different social networks, making it evident that you track and hit the maximum amount of traffic.
  • If your content is engaging and compelling, it also plays an important role, even if it doesn’t discuss recent problems.
  • Social media platforms are swiftly catching up with search engines and are regarded as the best way to reach massive consumers.
  • There is another catch here: create content on the heated topics like dedicated hosting and VPS Hosting, and bingo! You are ahead in the content game.

e)  A Source For Backlinks

Considering all the SEO strategies in content creation, one thing that surpasses others is the power adding backlinks in the content, which is another high result-oriented strategy.

By adding the quality backlinks to your content, you are multiplying the traffic to 1000 times. Search engines always rate the web page higher with the best user experience and the number of backlinks to the authority websites.

SEO vs. Content

The problem is that heightened confusion prevails related to SEO and content marketing. People believe that both are different and separated. However, they aren’t; they are together and can’t function alone.

Content marketing becomes successful only because of SEO. You have read above the importance of each, and it tells how they both work and what requires making the strategy successful.

SEO and content marketing are two characteristics of the same person.

The wrong concepts regarding both have manipulated the minds. Both aren’t like the image below.

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Instead, SEO and Content are integrated and connected.

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There are indeed differences between the two, but those differences don’t make them antagonist. SEO and content marketing have a good mutual relationship. Let’s read the example; including quality keywords in the content you produce helps it rank in the search engines, which means that it will surely attract more traffic for your content marketing strategy.

On the contrary, adding strong content to your site will improvise the authority and boost overall SEO. It happens several times when students who want Dissertation Assistance are often confused about the differences between the major topic and its variables.

Let’s Wrap It Up!

So, what do we wrap out of here?

SEO and content aren’t separated, and I can keep on writing on it to prove it. But, I hope that the prevailing confusion is eliminated, and the point is clear. They both are interconnected. Search engine optimization is all about content and vice versa.

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