Now Easier Than Ever to Own a Website: How to Make it Happen


How to Own a Website: Typing the phrase ‘owning a website’ into Google brings up nearly 54 million responses; companies want to build websites, they want to know how to build websites, and they enjoy building websites. The vast array of brilliantly designed portals and opportunities for online creation are exciting and adaptable, and the best part for the SME is that it can all be set up from an office in an hour or two.

The content of the site, its usage and design and capabilities are largely down to the business owner and its size. As examples, these 25 fantastic sites for brands as big as Mercedes-Benz and Katy Perry have all been designed on WordPress, but these could quite easily be substituted for brand new companies that need an online presence and have created a Minimum Viable Product of a website.

The steps to owning a website do not necessarily follow a strict order. One assumes that the website is being built with a purpose, of retail, providing a service or information, or showcasing skills/examples of work, which may give the website owner-to-be an idea of exactly how they envisage it will look. Of course there is a difference between owning your own site and building it, and you may choose to enlist a company to do the latter for you.

The new website will need a host – a company that will allow space for the information for the website to be stored and then provided when an external user visits the website. So the two components are the hosting itself and the domain name – the URL that a visitor will type into a web browser for a remote browser can find the site.

how to own a website

The hosting company might also arrange domain registration for you – this is usually far simpler than marrying up domains and hosting from two separate companies – and one of the most important factors is checking that no other company already owns the domain. Be careful when checking, however – How To Geek reports that some registrars will search a desired domain and then immediately try to charge you to buy it.

The next stage is to purchase hosting, a volume of space and bandwidth on servers that hold information with the aim of enabling it to become a website when visited. There are a huge number of factors to consider when choosing a company to use.

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Questions You Might Ask While Own a Website include:

*Do we need unlimited bandwidth? How will file transfer be administered?

*What is our budget and how frequently would we like to pay?

*What type of hosting do we want – shared, VPS, or dedicated?

*How much control do we need, and do we need a website builder as well as host?

*Is there support for programming languages such as Python, Ruby and others?

*Do we need help from technical gurus, and what levels of security and backup options can they offer?

*Do we need specific features such as email addresses, blog and shopping cart apps, and mobile optimisation?

Each host’s website should display a clear grid of exactly what you get for your money per month. Get in touch with the potential hosts if you have any queries, take the time to consider the options, and you should have a huge array of choices that will suit your needs.

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