Macbook Decal and Skin Review – Get Ready For The Winter Semester & Slap On A Skin

You can say goodbye to the winter holidays when your time was your own, and hello to a return to campus hallways stuck reading up before the next pop quiz. Now that class is back in session, it’s time to make sure you’re ready to take on the new semester. As you pack your bag full of school essentials, like your trusty agenda, your favorite pen, and your dependable MacBook Air, don’t forget one last necessity to add to your supply list. A skin or decal for your Air 13” is as important as each textbook on your syllabus. With one wrapped around your laptop, you’ll never have to wonder if your Mac is up to the task this year.

Macbook Decal and Skin

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Why Use Macbook Decal and Skin

MacBook decals are simple, lightweight covers that are made out of vinyl. They offer superb protection for your Air 13” and a huge variety of other Mac generations. Depending on which model you have, the skin will be cut expertly to fit your laptop perfectly. They’ll match the Air curve for curve, accommodating each port to ensure you never encounter any nasty snags that can stop you from performing your best. Its vinyl is made with the diminutive size of the Air in mind, adding only 0.23 millimeters to its overall shape. Fitting it within a skillful micro-millimeter, you’ll never worry about adding bulk to such a thin computer in order to protect.

MacBook Air skins are as sleek and lightweight as the laptop itself; however, it’s a heavyweight when it comes to how it can protect your computer. They act as a barrier between any device it covers and the dangers of student life. It can hold its own when you throw it into your backpack, where it shares space with sharp or heavy objects that could ding, dent, or scratch an unprotected Mac. It also helps keep the Mac looking clean and free of grime, as the vinyl is resistant to the typical dirt and dust that can markup laptops. The same properties keeping your MacBook clean will keep it protected from spilled drinks, saving its precious circuitry from late-night study sessions involving Red Bulls.

Returning to the halls with a MacBook covered in untreated vinyl is unthinkable. Though you need to protect the one device you use to access course information, read articles, and type up essays, you can’t be caught dead sporting an ugly decal in the name of defense. Luckily, skilled decal designers, such as those stylists at dbrand, know that appearances need to match abilities. When you check out new MacBook skins from dbrand you have your pick of true colors and texturized finishes to create something that you’ll feel comfortable showing off in your classroom. You can even choose a different color or texture for each piece of your skin until you’ve personalized a distinctive decal.

Whether you go for bright pink carbon fiber or somber cement, the decal you choose will offer tailor-fit protection against scrapes, scuffs, and dents that can seriously damage your Air. When you rely on your MacBook as much as you do to get through the schoolyear, it only makes sense to invest in the best decal MacBook users trust to keep their devices safe. Start off the winter semester right and wrap up the Air with a customized skin.

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