How to Do Affiliate Marketing Without Website


For extreme Newbies who don’t know about what affiliate marketing actually means they can understand it’s just a way to get commission on item’s sold by you online on different platforms.

It involves becoming a member of any company who sell products online and you promote their sales for each sale you get commission.

Affiliate Sites: – Clickbank ,Amazon etc

Well that was all about what affiliate marketing is Now let’s head to our main topic:-Earning Money From Affiliate without website.

Once you had registered on any of the affiliate sites you have to promote their product by sharing their products links on the web it can be done by opening a website writing a review about a product and pasting a link there and whenever anybody buys from that special link you get commission but the question arises how would you have visitors on your website it is an expensive and hard way requires hours of work and patience to do it.

But there a solution you can use this technique to get some sales daily with one hour of work called PDF SUBMISSIONS

In this you generally makes an article of 3-4 pages about a problem or query and put it on PDF submissions websites with your Affiliate link in this way your links is attracted by almost thousand of viewers and can make you a decent money.

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Secret Disclosed – To Do Affiliate Marketing Without Website

Let’s Try This

Here we are going to write a 4 page article about health supplements its benefits and we will apply our link in it with the best product you want to promote and commissions for it

1.  Brainstorm the web and find out as much as information about health supplements its benefits make a good looking 4 page Ms Word document

affiliate marketing

with images like this one this one is simple but try to write a review about product in 3-4 pages and use good quality images to make it more compelling for eg: if you promote about this product.

affiliate marketing

Them promote this product in your File Apply the link of the product you want to promote in Ms Word document at the end with a “Check it out” or “Buy Now” Caption Link.

2.Go to Ms Word to Pdf and convert you file into Pdf it takes hardly 1 minutes 🙂

3.Then Open Fiverr register yourself its free and search for PDF SUBMISSION

affiliate marketing

Buy any gig they are only 5 $ they will submit your file to document sharing sites to get your documents online from there visitors can download and see your document if interested they buy it you get commission.

4. Once submitted have patience after some time they will look like

affiliate marketing

Where people will download your pdf if interested buy them and promote them it will boost your sales if you do research about product and market demands you can have great profit from these PDF’s files

If you really want it more professional, you can hire content writers to make it more compelling and add a glittering effect to your post.

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