How To Remove/Hide/Delete Labels From Below Blogger Post


Delete labels from below blogger post : Every blogger has the different way of thinking, so in our today’s tutorial also we will discuss the same kind of topic i.e how to hide/remove/delete labels from blogger post. Now many bloggers think labels below the post title are unnecessary but some blogger it might be helpful for readers to find related post directly by clicking on the label.

It’s up to on you as label widget are already available in the blog’s sidebar. So, in this tutorial, I will show you how to totally remove labels from Templates from HTML or hide label from blogger post footer.

Note : This HTML setting might not work in some templates, so simply remove the code if not done after saving.

Delete labels from below blogger post

Simply follow each and every step properly

Delete Labels From Below Blogger Post

Step 1. Login to your Blogger dashboard

Step 2. Go to Templates >Then Click Edit HTML

Step 3. Click CTRL + F and Find the below Code,


Step 4. After finding, paste the below code just above of it.

.post-labels {
display: none;

Step 5. If code pasting did properly, now click to template Save Button

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