Guest Blog Outreach Guide – How to Pitch a Perfect Guest Blog Article to Influential Bloggers


Guest Blog Outreach Guide: Every blogger at one time or the other has been down that dark and lonely road where you are struggling to get traffic to your website. Try hard as you may, getting out of the no-traffic zone isn’t an easy task.

After putting in all your efforts and writing great articles, having low traffic will leave your feeling like the unpopular kid with no guest at his birthday party. One of the smartest strategies to get out of this wormhole is by writing for popular and influential bloggers through legit companies like Quality Guest Post.

The strategy works the same way in real life. If you were that unpopular kid who wants people at his birthday party, you can go through the hard route of handing out fliers to everyone in the school. Chances are that you will still end up with an empty room on your birthday despite your efforts. But imagine if you got one or two popular kid to pass the word around about your birthday. You might not even have to make any handbills after all. That’s exactly how guest blogging works. You will do yourself a lot of good and get your blog out of the wilderness of obscurity by guest posting on the blog of influential bloggers in your niche.

Guest Blog Outreach Guide

Pretty simple right? Well, I wish it was. In reality, not every site is willing to accept blog posts for various perfectly logical reasons. And even if they were accepting guest blog posts, you will have to prove that you are really worth someone to be taken seriously.

Bloggers, especially those with a name and reputation will only accept guest blogs from someone who can write a good quality, authentic article that meets their own standards. “But how do they know I can deliver quality before they even try me out?” It all starts with your outreach. If you will ever be taken seriously, then your guest blog pitch has to be pretty solid.

Here are Some Tips That can Help you in Getting Maximum Guest Blog Outreach.

Start with research

While it is true that not all blogs accept guest posts, there are some who do. Your first task will be to find these influential blogs in your niche that will be willing to feature your article on your blog. You shouldn’t just send out pitches randomly as that would be a complete waste of marketing efforts. Instead, what you want to do is find the influential bloggers that will be willing to consider your pitch and get in touch with them.

  • General research: the first step will be to find authority blogs in your niche. A simple google search for topics relating to your blog should turn up a number of options. You can also use specific tools for finding influential blogs as well. Additionally, you can broaden your search using networking platforms like LinkedIn or even social media platforms like Twitter or Pinterest.
  • Narrow down your options: once you have identified top considerations in your niche, the next thing you want to do is to start narrowing down your options. Identify blogs that are likely to feature you as a guest blogger. An obvious way to discover this is to simply look through their blogs and see if they have featured a guest blog in the recent past. While this isn’t to say you cannot pitch to someone who hasn’t hosted a guest post in the past (You never can tell right?), but you stand a better chance with bloggers that have a history of featuring guest posts than one that does not.
  • Get familiar: With your options narrowed down, the next step will be to get down close and personal with them. If you will be writing for that blog sometime in the future, then it makes sense to find out about it as much as you can. Begin by going through the site inch by inch and reading the articles already posted. Additionally, you should try to get to know the blogger behind the website too. You can connect with them by dropping comments intelligently on the post on their blog or following them on social media. In fact, if you do it right no might even get an executive invitation to write a blog post without even writing a pitch at all.
  • Research topics: From what you have gathered from your research about the blog and blogger you want to send a pitch to, you should be able to come up with a list of topics they might be interested in. Ensure that it is a subject you can handle conveniently. At the same time, it should be something the person you are pitching to will be interested in.

Here is a tool that you might find valuable for your blog outreach research.

Prepare and send your outreach email

Next is putting together the pitch itself. If you did the first part of the job well, this stage of the process should be easy. You will be able to put together a catchy pitch using your own talent as a writer and the wealth of knowledge you have gathered so far. Here are some important points to keep in mind.

  • Personalize the mail: address the mail to a specific person. This way you don’t sound like you are just sending random emails out to people. Although this is official communication, you don’t want to sound too formal. Write confidently like one colleague reaching out to another. A smart opener is to mention an idea or important detail that he or she recently shared on their blog or a personal detail that was mentioned in one of their posts that resonates with you.
  • Sell yourself: you will have to prove that you are well worth being featured as a guest blogger. Including a few lines of your personal achievements as a blogger and why you deserve the spot. Be careful not to hard-sell yourself though.
  • Mention benefits: although there is a chance that the blogger you are writing to already know the potential benefits of featuring a guest post, you can mention it again. You can also be more specific about what you are bringing to the table, like a deeper perspective of a specific subject or a more technical analysis than what they are used to.
  • Suggest topics: suggest interesting topics that you can write about. Keep this to a minimum. One or two should be just fine.

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Follow up

You might not get a reply to your outreach email right away. If you are writing to someone popular and influential there is a very good chance that your mail got missing somehow, sending a follow-up email isn’t a bad idea.


As you might have guessed, pitching a guest post isn’t exactly a walk in the parking strategy. But pulling it off as a lot of potential benefits both on your reputation as a blogger and to your blog traffic. Putting this in mind will help you look beyond the stress and give your outreach pitch your best. Best of luck!!!

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