Prepare Yourself for the Google Core Web Vitals Update


A new ranking factor is expected to come in 2021, which is Core Web Vitals.

SEO professionals and online marketers are keeping an eye on this change, which is made by Google. Core Web Vital inputs affect the ranking factor. Core web vitals are promised to be very significant and will have SEO pros.

You need web pages to get organic traffic, and these pages need to rank for a set of keywords. If you solicit the naturally earned links or authoritative links to those pages, you will set your website for organic success. Moreover, technical SEO has also played an important role, and it is expected to get much bigger. These updates will integrate a new set of metrics known as core web vitals, commonly known as page experience.

Google Core Web Vitals Update

How to prepare your website for the core web vital metrics?

One needs to have the best website for delivering the best results and higher search ranking. You need to get your website prepared for the core web vitals to ensure usability. There are majorly two factors that ensure your site’s success is the search engine and the number of visitors you get to your site. Only potential customers will get entry to your business, buy products and services from it. When the targeted audience finds your website, they will be highly interested in knowing your website, your brand position, and your value so that they can use it. With the help of core web vitals, this can turn out to be a useful and winning situation for both, as Google will secure its position with the core web vitals, and it will put all the highly searched sites in higher ranking.

It is essential to learn and understand core web vitals as to why they are becoming significantly important for the user experience.

What are core web vitals?

Core web vitals refer to the three metrics, which helps in determining the quality of the experience. Rather than considering only one factor, now Google is preparing new factors in the real world performance and the user experience provided by the site so that its ranking can be determined. These three metrics majorly offer the experience which you provide to the users on your website.  These experience updates will represent an important shift in SEO.

Google web vital are majorly made up of 3 interaction measurements and specific page speed –


LCP refers to the largest contentful Paint; it measures the website’s perceived loading speed or performance. It also provides a good user experience, and it can occur within 2 seconds when the web page starts loading. It is the performance of your website that determines how quickly the content comes up on the website page.  If the loading time is extended by 3 sec, there will be a 30% bounce rate, and if the page load time increases by 6 seconds, then the bounce rate can witness a 100% increase.


FID stands for first input delay; this metric measures the interaction of the website and how much time a website takes to get available for the audience. This metric lets you know how long a browser takes to respond to the user when interacting with the page. The website should be able to respond in a nanosecond when the audience interacts with it so that the user doesn’t get bored. The first input delay measures the interactivity. If you want to give a good experience to the audience, your page should appear 100 milliseconds.


CLS refers to the cumulative Layout shift; it majorly measures the visual stability of the website. It works to offer a good user experience, and the page should maintain a cumulative Layout shift less than 0.1. This metric generally measures the page layout shift when a page is loaded; moreover, it also measures the diverse range of the visual elements which are present on the page without causing any issue or interruption.

Some of the ways to measure core web vitals –

UX report

Chrome UX report is a public dataset that helps in measuring the real-time metrics. It gathers all the information from the data, and users opt to sync it in the browser history and enable the statistics option simultaneously. This process has been revamped, and they have also started to show UX reports as well.  

Speed insight of page

Speed insight of the page has got a recent update which shows the lighthouse metrics. This is a new concept where the blue ribbons are used for the metrics. They can be in lab data or in-field data.

Search console

For a major purpose, the Google search console has been updated, and it is working better than that of want was expected. This metric is under enhancement, and it also helps in evaluating the pages of your site and also segregates the same in good, needs improvement, or poor. It works great and is based on real-time user experience.

Lighthouse report

This tool is majorly used for analyzing SEO’s performance, and it also measures the page loading speed of your site. If your page is not working right in speedy motion, people will bounce back and be discouraged from clicking on your website to purchase your brand. The new V6 update helps you to check the speed of your page.  


This is another important plug-in from Google, which is quite new and works for the betterment of the customer and users. You need to check the metric page you want to see, click on the vital core extensions, and show you the three main metrics. By this, you can easily study the metrics of your competitors.

Core web vitals are becoming a new Google thing, as Google has always tried to bring something new for the betterment of the people. Core web vitals are going to be the new ranking signals, and this can help your website to put it on a higher rank and makes it visible for the customers. These web core vitals are ranked in the real-time world, and you can practically use them.


Core web vitals are becoming extremely important for the search ranking, and website owners put a lot of effort into improving the work and page references. Google web vitals are specific, and they come up with quantifications.  Website owners are now required to improve Google algorithms to easily improve the areas that can help them improve their website ranking. Improving the core web vital is not an easy task to do as it takes a lot of time and is quite complex. Therefore it is recommended to take a good time, and you should start improving your website. These tools are accessible readily, and the promising results can be noticed within the next six months.

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