How to Create a Powerful Business Presentation – Expert Advice on Designing


Whether you are an engineer or a marketing specialist, making effective and professional presentations is a must-have skill today. Simply knowing how to use the presentation tool will not cut it, your presentation has to capture attention and deliver the core message. Here we have compiled the best tips from top presentation experts and designers that will help you turn your next corporate presentation from ‘average’ to ‘spectacular’.

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Top 3 Tips to Make PowerPoint Business Presentations

1. Use The Right Images & Fonts

With the vast variety of graphics, fonts and color schemes, it can be hard to decide on what will work best on your particular presentation. The good news is, thanks to the intuitive presentation tools available on the market, you do not need to have a graphic designer background to come up with a great design. However there are some important techniques you need to keep in mind when designing your presentation:

Be Consistent. Settle on a basic design of your slides that is in line with the presentation topic. Use this standard for all your slides so that the audience can have a visual consistency throughout your entire presentation.

Choose Right Colours. When choosing the color scheme for your presentation, ensure that it has the right contrast making it easy to read the slides for the audience. For instance choosing the dark blue background and black text will give your audience a headache rather than make an impression.

Choose Right Fonts. Certain fonts may look great, however it is recommended to focus on ease of reading when projected rather than attractiveness. For instance basic Arial and Calibri are the easiest to read on the screen. Also ensure that the font corresponds with the subject of your presentation.

Choose Right Size. Ensure that the size of the font corresponds with the size of the screen and of the room. Your slides should be easily readable without straining eyes from any spot within the room.

2. Keep It Short And Sweet

Although you might be tempted to share as much information as possible with your audience, presentations that are too long might not have the impact you expect. The audience might lose focus and (ahem) get bored. Instead plan your presentation strategically, ensuring that you deliver the core message and entice audience to take next steps. It may be selling a new product, getting financing from an important investor or promoting your services. Whatever it is, within your presentation say what is essential and if you manage to capture attention, your audience will be interested in learning more afterwards. The best way is to stick with 10/20/30 rule: no more than 10 slides, no longer than 20 minutes with font size no less than 30 point.

3. Keep Text To A Minimum

You have done a lot of research and have a lot of really important information to share with your audience. However contrary to what you might imagine, too much text on the slide can be a killer. The renowned presentation experts believe that presentation should be a visual addition to your speech rather than its main focus. There are many downsides to having too much text on your slide. For instance, audience might concentrate on reading the text on your slides instead of listening to your speech. And that will not do you any good: personal contact with presenter is the most crucial part of your presentation. Therefore keep the right text to image ratio, limiting the amount of text to no more than 6 words per slide.

We hope these tips will put you on the right track for your next powerful business presentation design. But remember that the way you deliver your presentation is just as important as the way you design it. Establish contact with your audience, speak candidly and be prepared for any questions once your presentation is over. If the presentation you are going to deliver is a ‘make-or-break’ case, consider partnering with professional business presentation designers and leave the technical work to them.


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