An SEO Company Spills the Beans: Information and manipulation through SEO


The notion of Search Engine Optimization of a site has emerged over the last few years and is about preparing a website, implicitly the information contained therein, to find it more accessible and in a certain way by search engines. To better understand what SEO means, it is necessary to emphasize the definition of a search engine first. Kick Media SEO Hobart can provide local SEO for businesses in Hobart.

A search engine is a set of software that searches and sorts information from the Internet, all following specific rules (search algorithms) imposed by the entity’s strategy. These programs (spider) identify everything that exists on the internet. With words, no matter what information you put somewhere in the global internet network, it will be found anywhere and offered to those who are looking for it.

The best known and used search engine is Google. It is so popular that it’s not only known for its commercial purpose, Google has become a generic term for knowledge on the internet.

There are also other search engines on the Internet, such as Yahoo, Bing or Yandex, the latter being Google’s equivalent on the Russian market. However, as I said, Google has become the most powerful, and well-known search engine, the one who gives the tone.

Google knows it all

From the above, it results that Google (and any other search engines) will find any information placed on a web page. The problem is just how easy it is to see and, above all, how exposed the public will be to that information. This is the tricky part of life on the Internet, namely that nothing can be hidden. Moreover, data can also be used for a subversive purpose.

The reverse of the technical impossibility of hiding something on the internet is that using specific web writing techniques can guide information. So, if you master the SEO technique, you can force the search engine, whichever it is, to display some data. It is no less accurate that although you have to publish information at the same time you want it hidden, it will still be visible, but it can be arranged to be supplied very “inconveniently” to the search engine. The end-user will find it very difficult to see it, and an average person will get tired looking for it and will eventually give up. That’s how it hides something.

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We say about a site that it is Search Engine Optimized for the “x-issue” if we want that through this SEO workmanship, the information on the internet that deals with the “x-issue” to come only from the site in question. Alternatively, just from a particular source, which, to be more efficient, should work with the same information written in different ways and published on several channels. I repeat, the syntagma only on the site in question must be understood under the above conditions, i.e., by SEO cannot be hidden information from other places, but Google is determined to display them back so that they become uninteresting and their audience cannot read them anymore. Learn more here.

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What to do to be seen by Google

From the point of view of SEO there is much to be done, but so in principle, seriously speaking, you do not have to do anything. Google sees you anyway, no matter what super trace site you have. However, because we’re talking seriously, from an SEO perspective, it’s inconceivable not to have a map of the website in your site (or blog, or online store).

The sitemap

About sitemaps, you can learn a lot more from the site dedicated to this purpose, namely but we will now make a brief theory, useful for all those who deal with SEO and those interested in their blogs to be good.

So-called sitemap files are two types. Sitemap in HTML and which must generally be accessible to visitors and sitemap.xml Google reads. Please note that the existence of these files is related to the performance of your site itself. Let’s take them one by one, not before saying that they can have any other derived name, not that important, but the function at which I am referring. I repeat, no SEO optimization can leave them out.

The HTML Sitemap crawler is the index of the site that is accessible to the general public and offers easier navigation, an accurate understanding of your site. It is if you want a page showing the structure, where it is and what is on the site, are shortcuts for the visitor. It gets faster in a particular part. It is beneficial for large, busy sites.

If you do not have sitemap.html, it means there is not a good SEO in your site, because the very presence of this file brings some ease in visiting and which Google is very interested in.

It is also a map of the site, written differently than the whole plan is. Who does SEO and does not know how to use this file, will miss the chance to grow the site in positioning. Because each page in your site has a default indexing rank, a priority, as they say. Usually, the default prize is 0.5, but it may increase or decrease, depending on the importance of that page. Moreover, SEO is done on these files in the sense of changing their frequency, from daily to monthly, or being indifferent. Let’s talk about concrete examples.

We simplify a site and suppose it has ten pages. The main page will be the index, of course, to which I give it an index 1 and indicate a frequency of weekly change. Does this mean that Google will be careful that this page changes weekly and as such will check it all weekly? In principle, that’s what we would like to do, and that’s how it happens. However, Google has its own rules and does not take into account our wishes.

For example, in our demo site on page 3, we make changes more often than the others. Let’s say we modify it all weekly. As good SEO specialists, we are going to give it a character of change every week, and we will increase its priority index to 0.8 or even 0.9. This means that Google will come and check our site first on the main page, then on page 3 and only then it will look at the other.

The above is in theory. Because Google fundamentally does not respect everything we want, but it does take into account if these SEO practices are met. The files required for proper SEO are, therefore: sitemap.html and sitemap.xml. Without them, you have no outstanding performance.

How not to do site optimization

There are a few annoying ideas about promoting a site. A Search Engine Optimization job will not necessarily be better if you manage to get one of the following situations:

Increased traffic to your site

Google will not better see your website if you have 100 instead of 25 daily visitors. The explanation is simple. The online traffic can increase by artificial methods, let’s say you appear and disappear on a portal for example.

The site has a web design with many special effects

Google may not see some of these, so it will not be able to read them. It does not extract any information from them, so Search Engine Optimization is useless as if it were not. Then it might be difficult to load.

The domain’s name is a keyword

I mean, you managed to get a domain name that sounds like “red shoes,” and you sell shoes, does that say that you have priority? No. It’s simple. When the site names were chosen, nobody thought the internet was just for people and businesses, which is to sell only a shoe, just blue-jeans, to fly with an airline alone and the examples could continue.

If the domain name gave an SEO advantage to someone, which would mean discrimination, absurd competition, I cannot say that it is unfair, another is the term. So, it does not matter that you have a keyword in the domain name.

Cheap Hosting

Yes, it’s not so important if the server moves only 10% slower than the other, it does not matter from an SEO standpoint. It can compensate otherwise the difference. However, if it’s tough when it does not load the pages fast, and it affects its positioning, that is, no matter how hard you try to optimize a site if the server sucks.

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Using a weak web designer

It is a matter of importance because if you are working with someone who is known as a spammer in the online world, you will not be trustworthy. If he is a web designer, but he does not know about SEO, everything is expensive. It means you pay twice for the work. However, ultimately, everyone has to make a living. You can see all the points that are important in setting up your website.

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