ActiveCampaign: Review, Pricing, Features and Download App [2021]


ActiveCampaign: Considered as one of the most important inventions of our time, the internet has changed our lives drastically. Can you still imagine a world without the internet? Living without television before seems to be very tough for most people already. Getting rid of that one thing that keeps almost every single aspect of society together can result in chaos. We have grown dependent on the internet as we use it for almost every activity that we have these days. When we try to contact another person, we use social media and messaging. If we want to work, the internet can help us store data or even make it easier for us to do. The internet has proven to be a blessing for all of us.


Come to think of it, the internet is just a collection of data accessed by the entire world. This was not what it used to be though. During its early development, the internet was only used for education as only scientists, engineers and military personnel can access it. Even then, it had only a limited number of pages. Thus, the information that these people had were lacking compared to our standards today. However, as the internet was made available to the public, the information that is stored also increased. Today, millions of people are enjoying what the internet has to offer to the world. Learn more about this here.

This is also the moment when people realized that the internet can be used for business. Well, it was already a business in itself but many realized that sharing information across the world is a great marketing tool. You can now use the internet to create more opportunities for you and your own business. Companies and organizations these days are looking into the internet to find prospective clients and the like. This creates more opportunities for people to build business relationships even across the world. Social media paved the way for this kind of marketing tactic, as millions of people log-in online to look at memes and cat videos. Why not use it to build revenue as well?

How Can You Utilize The Internet For Marketing Using?

There are a lot of ways you can use the internet for marketing strategies. It is also a great way to increase customer engagement since there are a lot of people on the internet these days. ActiveCampaign has built an entire systemic process dedicated to helping you have a better CRM and business growth. They primarily use emails as a way to engage with your customers. If you think that email is already phasing out of the business world, you may be wrong about that.

Most people still use emails because it speaks of formality which is better when making a business transaction. Most people would also prefer to have their business and social media private, which is one aspect of internet communication that supposedly replaced email. You can go to this page to learn more about them.

Top Advantages Of Activecampaign:

1. Great Email Support

One of the key features of ActiveCampaign is their email support as they can help you create a template for any email that you may want to send out. Most of the time, a lot of these templates may seem to be too impersonal for the customers taste. Some customers also see this as a distasteful way of doing business as they do want to interact with a real person. ActiveCampaign can help you create a more personalized email which can be sent to a multitude of customers.

For example, you can create a simple template depending on the content of the email sent to you. In this way, customers feel like they are really interacting with people from your company. You can also send out marketing emails to specific demographics using a certain strategy. You can even direct your website to send messages to its visitors. In this way, your employees can focus more on other tasks at hand. ActiveCampaign can also sync with your Gmail for easier access.

Newsletters can also be scheduled and you can choose which template you would like your recipient to see.  In return, this helps to improve the overall productivity of your company by focusing more on operational responsibilities. Know more tips on how to improve productivity in the workplace here:

2. SMS Messaging

Another great thing about ActiveCampaign is it has its own messaging system. You can use this to contact your customers if you have their numbers at hand. You can also automate this system so that it would be easier for your team to send these messages. Personalized messages can also be used to create a more engaging experience with the customer. It can also install a chatbox of sorts on your website so that your website viewers can contact them immediately. You can also automate the responses while there are no employees available to respond to their queries. This messaging system can also be connected through Facebook.

3. Linked CRM Data

Once you have received enough responses, ActiveCampaign can generate a report based on these data. This way, you can easily understand and learn the responses of your customers according to the email provided. You can even link the data that you have with a previous email service. You can use these reports to plan action for improvement.

Even though it offers a lot as a service, there are still some considerations. ActiveCampaign might be easy to use, but some of its tools are not organized properly. You need to take the time to learn the software. This is also used for advanced level of email marketing and they do not offer a free trial. If you want to take their service, make sure that you don’t want to switch to another. However, they do give great service and their options for email templates are almost limitless. Your customers would feel like they are communicating directly with the company, and your employees can be more productive without the additional tasks.

Pricing Details:

Price PricePricePrice
$9 /month$49 /month
$129 /month$229 /month
Paid YearlyPaid YearlyPaid YearlyPaid Yearly
Unlimited sendingEverything from LiteEverything from PlusEverything from
Email Marketing
Unlimited sending
Unlimited sending
Send Newsletters
CRM w/ Sales Automation
Site Messaging
Unlimited sending
Marketing Automation
Contact & Lead Scoring
Custom Reporting (Beta)
Chat & Email Support
Chat & Email Support
Predictive Sending  ML
Custom Mailserver Domain
Up To 3 Users
Custom User Permissions
Win Probability  ML
Custom Domain
Custom Branding
Split Automations
Dedicated Account Rep
One on One Training
Up to 50 users
In-depth Onboarding
SMS Marketing
Free Design Services
Conditional Content
Free Social Data
Up to 25 users
Phone Support
Uptime SLA
Unlimited Users

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