What I Wish I Knew a Year Ago About Social Media Marketing


Social media marketing is widely rising as one of the most used platforms for marketing, especially for a new business. I mean, almost everybody is signup in different social media and getting the attention of people in your region or even on your friends’ list to learn about your business is quite fast and easy. There are different methods that you can use with social media to market your products and services. These methods include; video marketing, podcasting, blogging, social media updating and so on. There are so much you can do with social media to put your businesses out there. Some of these things have been in existence for a while its only that majority of people were not aware of them.

 About Social Media Marketing

What are the Social Media Marketing information that we wish we knew years back?

Use of iThought tool for brainstorming your idea

The first step to take before you put your business on the different social media is brainstorming about the distinct goals that you need to achieve and what you need to do to reach those goals. There are so many tools that you can work with but, the best one to use is the iThoughts. You can plan the accomplishments that you need to achieve in the entire year from January to December. In every month, divide the goals into weeks and make sure to fulfill each purpose that you have set. It could be the number of contents that you need to write on your blog or the videos to upload in your website.

Create a proper project management schedule

As we all know managing any project is essential since it helps in keeping all business things in order and the duties are well outlined unlike when you make a hasty decision. So by having a tool that will help plan for your online business enables you to get a reminder of when the project is due. It also ensures that all people involved in your social media business are aware of the deadline since the notification and alerts are sent to all the members involved. If you specialize in creating youtube videos to showcase your products, everyone who is included in the creation of the videos will get a notification such that you will not have to waste time when shooting the video clips and other props that may be needed to complete the project will be brought on time.

Look for sources of ideas when writing your content

Social media marketing can take longer than you expected to get your business on the market but, one way to win traffic and customers to your business is via writing excellent and engaging content. It is also important to know that you cannot do this alone hence you will always need help from other sources. Being original should be your key focus and also ensure the contents are engaging and beneficial to your customers or targeted audience. So, look for various sources that you can use to get inspiration for your materials.

Be Natural

This is essential for those involved in blogging. Being natural and speaking your mind makes it sound and seem like you are engaging with your audience and customers face to face. It creates more conversational contents that are engaging, and your audience feels that they are part of the plan and project.

If you want to excel or if you are wondering why your social media marketing is not growing as you wish to, use the above tips to help you improve it and become among the top online and social media marketers.

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